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West Melbourne Institute of Technology

WMIT is a registered training organisation that aims to be a progressive institution to provide quality vocational education and training to domestic and international students. It aims to use outside of the box thinking and strategies to attract and maintain staff and students. It will use the diverse experience brought by the management team to offer students what is currently lacking in the market, which is cost-effective courses, well-trained professional trainers, quick and efficient staff, and streamlined organisational processes for administrative, human resource and welfare sectors of its institution. It will bring a high level of integrity and professionalism in all aspects of running their organisation.

Success Factors

WMIT is uniquely qualified to succeed for the following reasons:

Putting together a group of people whose talents, experiences, skills, and personalities mesh together.

Hiring employees that have bought into the company’s vision and are committed to bringing that vision to life.


Tailoring to meet the wants and needs of students.

Striving to meet the highest performance standards of quality education


Becoming the premium education provider in the VET Sector.


The mission of West Melbourne Institute of Technology is to transform the lives of all the stakeholders by providing excellent and innovative learning and research environment which ensures success in their lives and career.


1. Team Work
2. Excellence
3. Innovation
4. Fairness
5. Stakeholders Success