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Enhancing employability of international students

Enhancing employability of international students

​​​​​A resource portal is now available to help education providers assist international students in building their global employability.

International st​udents consider improving their employability an important aspect of studying overseas. Employability is crucial to the future success of students. The future of work is changing, and international students need to be equipped with the skills and experience to ensure their success.

So how do we best equip international students with the skills and experience they need to succeed?

The portal will help education providers better deliver employability programs to their students. It promotes collaboration and sharing of the good practice program delivery including internships and work placements.

Publications and research are included from the International Education Association of Australia, Austrade, regional Study Hubs, Nous and more.

Online modules to prepare international students for work integrated learning experiences are also available. These modules help improve international student understanding of Australian workplace cultures and prepare them for work integrated learning opportunities.

The portal also builds on the Australian Government’s Job-Ready Graduates Package, which incentivises students to make more job-relevant decisions about their education by lowering the cost of study in fields that are expected to grow in employment numbers.

Parliament passed legislation for the Job-ready Graduates Package in October this year.

You can find the portal here.​